Precise, certified and Made in Germany

We are your efficient and flexible partner in the production of high-precision medical devices as well as smaller precision components for orthopedic and dental implantology.

Exclusive producer

We are the exclusive manufacturer of the alphatech® dental implant system.

Dental implants

We have years of experience and know-how in the manufacturing of dental implants.

Prosthetic parts

Precise construction and spare parts for prosthetics from a single source.

Bone screws

We produce bone screws of various diameters and highest quality.

Surgical instruments

We produce high quality tools not only for surgical use.

Contract manufacturing

We produce and optimize according to your ideas.

Our strengths at a glance

We are a strong partner in many areas. Precision, quality and customer satisfaction are our highest assets.

FMZ GmbH – Rostock, Germany